Our Royal Wedding?

Back in July 2019, we were contacted by the TV production company for the programme “Don’t tell the Bride”. They had a groom who was interested in the possibility of holding his wedding at Layer Marney Tower and would that be alright. We thought it sounded fun. Several days later, we answered the telephone to a gentleman enquiring about organising a wedding at very short notice. It wasn’t until we had put the phone down that we realised that we had, in fact, been speaking to the groom from “Don’t tell the Bride”. He was planning the entire wedding for his bride in the ridiculously short time frame of just 3 weeks!

Would you trust your groom to organise your dream Royal Wedding?

Luckily, we could offer him a date that he wanted for the wedding and so he made an appointment to come and view.  On probably the hottest day of last year, the groom arrived at Layer Marney Tower along with a friend and his brother for moral support and a small TV crew. They filmed the viewing from start to finish.

As we chatted, we learnt that the groom had a very specific theme and clear ideas for his wedding. He wanted them to feel like royalty for the day and for Layer Marney Tower to be their Royal Palace. Much to our delight, it seemed we fitted his plans perfectly and by the end of the morning, he had confirmed his wedding for a date in August.

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