A temporary goodbye

A temporary goodbye…

We have been incredibly busy in the office over the last few weeks, helping our wedding couples postpone their wedding dates to a new date in the future.  Our Wedding Coordinator, Karen, was furloughed during the last week of March 2020 but had written this blog post just before she left, which unfortunately we have only just had the opportunity to post today.  – Nicholas Charrington, Owner (1st May 2020).

March 2020

As of early this week, I am temporarily unable to work in the job I love, as I have been put on furlough.  Not an expression that I was even familiar with until a week ago but unfortunately, as much as I see my job as important while I’m supporting wedding couples in the planning of their wedding, it is obviously not essential at this current time in the light of the Coronavirus Covid-19 situation.

Please note that while I’m unable to be in the office temporarily, Nicholas and Sheila Charrington will be answering phone calls and e-mails.  As many of you know, Layer Marney Tower is a family home, that at any other time, is open for visitors during a house opening season, for school visits, guided tours and of course weddings.

It has been a tough and challenging few weeks and I will admit it has been hard to remain positive, while speaking with our distressed and upset wedding couples who have sometimes spent years dreaming of and imagining their perfect wedding day here at Layer Marney Tower.

Please remind yourself however that the wedding has not been cancelled, just temporarily put on hold and postponed to a new date.  It WILL happen in the future.  We are here to support you with your decision and will help you as much as possible.

We have been working very hard to help all couples that were due to get married within the next few months, to find an alternative date.  We are aware that many of our wedding industry friends and suppliers are also trying to bend over backwards and be as accommodating as possible.  They also take their businesses very personally and want to demonstrate the same level of care and attention that we do.

If you had booked a wedding ceremony at Layer Marney Tower and now need to rearrange the date with the registrars, we understand that there has been a huge amount of pressure on their service with increasingly long and frustrating amounts of time being on hold when trying to call them.  Can I suggest visiting the Essex County Council  website for up to date information.

You do not need to stop visualising your day, whether it was due to take place in June 2020 or at some point next year.  If you are at home self isolating or unable to work, remember that our Pinterest boards (accessed via the link on our website) are a fantastic source of visual information, showing how previous wedding couples have used different locations within the venue to have photos taken.  Pinterest also gives ideas on how couples have decorated the fireplace in the Long Gallery for instance, used seasonal flowers to complement their theme, or personalised their day with their style of wedding cake or favours.

While we may not be adding many new photos to our Instagram feed, why not not take a look back at some of our previous posts.  And if you are not following us on Instagram, why not?!  We will try over the coming weeks to show you some beautiful landscape photos of Layer Marney Tower and how the gardens are changing; the tulip bulbs that were planted in abundance late last year are almost ready to put on a stunning display.  This will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own wedding photography.

You may be feeling emotions such as sadness, disappointment, upset or even anger at your plans being put on hold but when the wedding day finally arrives, those unpleasant emotions can be put to the back of your mind.  People will want to celebrate more than ever and your wedding day will become all the more meaningful and poignant.

To reiterate words heard and seen everywhere at present; stay home, stay safe and take care of yourselves.  I very much look forward to speaking to you all and seeing you soon; but goodbye for now.

Karen Brand – Wedding Coordinator

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