Wedding venue questions

Here you will find a selection of questions we get asked often regarding our wedding venue. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for please get in touch.


Q -When can I come and view Layer Marney Tower as a potential venue?
A - We generally show couples round on a Saturday morning, when we offer half hour appointments from 9.30am to midday. However, we can also see you mid-week during office hours or possibly a mid-week evening or Sunday morning.

Q - Do you hold Open Days or Evenings?
A - We usually have about three of these events per year; we will highlight these dates on our website and via social media. If you have booked a wedding with us, we will invite you by e-mail.

Q - I’ve already booked, can I return with my parents, friends, best man, bridesmaids?
A - Yes of course, just give us a call to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Q - Who will I be liaising with in the office or meeting with?
A - Karen will be your main point of contact in the office for any questions but other members of the team will be able to help too. When you book a meeting, we will advise in advance who you will be meeting with.


Q - How many rows of chairs are there in the Corsellis Room?
A - There are 10 rows of chairs. On the “grooms” side there usually are 5 chairs, on the “brides” side there are usually 7 chairs.

Q - What is the seated capacity?
A - We can seat a maximum of 120 guests.

Q - How do I get in touch with the registration service?
A - Please call them on 0345 6037632. Alternatively, go to the website:

Q - Can I have live musicians?
A - Yes; a solo or duo act can be positioned at the front of the room but if you have a string quartet, they will need to be at the rear of the room, where we can remove a few chairs to make space. There are power points located throughout the room.

Q - Can we play pre-recorded music?
A - Please provide a CD with your choice of music; usually 4 tracks, one for the bride’s entrance, two for the signing of the register and the final piece for the couple to exit. Please ensure it has been tested on our machine in advance.

Q - Do you offer a ceremony rehearsal?
A - Wedding couples are invited to make an appointment in the weeks running up to their wedding day, to run through how the ceremony works, ask any final questions, test CD’s etc Some couples prefer to come alone, others will bring family, best man, bridesmaids etc Either is fine!

Q - Who will oversee our wedding ceremony?
A - There will be a representative from Layer Marney Tower that will ensure the smooth running of your ceremony, help usher guests, look after the bride and groom, play any CD’s for the ceremony etc

Q - Can we decorate the Corsellis Room?
A - You may have flowers on the ceremony table, (that are usually then transferred to the top table), place flowers or artificial candles on the window sills or hang decorations from the aisle chairs. We do not allow real candles.

Q - Can my dog be a ringbearer?
A - Yes! We have had well-behaved dogs on leads act as the ringbearer.

Q - Is there easy access to the first floor for pushchairs and elderly or disabled guests?
A - Yes, we have a lift to the first floor and ceremony room.

Q - What time should everyone arrive for the ceremony?
A - We suggest the groom arrives about an hour before the ceremony is due to start, ready to welcome any early guests. Most guests will arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony. The bride should arrive about 15 minutes beforehand, to allow time for some photos and chatting with the registrar prior to the ceremony.

Q - What time are guests seated for the ceremony?
A - It is a good idea for the guests to take their seats no later than 15-20 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Drinks Reception

Q - Can we have a drone filming?
A - We require a copy of the drone users insurance documents in advance of the wedding day.

Q - Can we hire in garden games?
A - Yes, we very often see games such as giant jenga or connect 4, croquet or even mini golf set up on the lawns to entertain guests during the drinks reception.

Q - Will our live musicians be able to play in the garden?
A - Live music is very popular during the drinks reception and we can show musicians the best location if they want to be positioned in the shade or if they require access to power.

Wedding Breakfast / Evening Reception

Q - How many people can be seated in the Long Gallery?
A - The seated capacity is 140 guests.

Q - What is the capacity for an informal evening reception of dancing and buffet?
A - The numbers can increase to 180-200 for the evening reception.

Q - How many people can be seated at the top table?
A - Anything from just the bride and groom, up to the number you require. This is made up of 6’ trestle tables, each which will seat 3 guests comfortably.

Q - How many guests would fit on one long banquet table?
A - Up to 70 guests can be seated in this option.

Q - What is the size of the round tables and how many people can be seated?
A - There is a 5’6” table that usually seats 8 guests but will go up to 10 and a 6’ table that usually seats 10 guests but can go up to 12. Most weddings use a combination of the two sized tables.

Q - Do you have any highchairs?
A - Bouquet Garni have highchairs you can use.

Q - Can I have fireworks?
A - Fireworks may be let off but you must use Dynamic Fireworks, who are based in Colchester. The display must finish before 10pm.

Q - Do you have an in-house DJ?
A - No; you may hire a DJ of your own choice. However we can make suggestions of suppliers we know well, who have previously worked here.

Q - Do you have a sound limiter?
A - Not at present. However, we do ask that live bands and DJ’s are respectful of our neighbours!

Q - Can we lay a dance floor?
A - That is fine but we ask that a protective backing is placed between the Long Gallery floor and the dance floor.

Rolls Royce

Q - Where is the LMT Rolls Royce able to pick up from?
A - The recommended journey time is a maximum of 30 minutes or a 20 mile radius of Layer Marney Tower.

Q - Is there room in the Maythorn for extra passengers?
A - The Maythorn can seat up to 5 passengers.

Q - How many can travel in the Silver Cloud?
A - We suggest 3 passengers.

Q - When will I be advised a collection time?
A - The chauffeur, Graham, will call you in the week running up to your wedding day to confirm the collection address and time.

Routemaster Bus

Q - How many passengers will the bus take?
A - The Bus will seat 68 passengers and there is room for a couple to stand on short journeys.

Q - Can we offer passengers a glass of fizz on the journey?
A - We recommend using disposable cups or glasses and ask that any rubbish is collected at the end of a journey in a black bin bag.

Q - How soon before the ceremony will the Bus arrive at Layer Marney Tower?
A - We will plan the journey so that the Bus arrives approximately 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Q - What time will the bus leave following the evening reception?
A - The reception finishes at midnight, therefore the Bus will depart at approximately 12.15am, to allow guests time to collect their belongings and finish drinks.

Honeymoon Suite

Q - Can I get ready in the de Zoete Rooms?
A - You will have access to the Honeymoon Suite from 1pm on the day of your wedding, so it possibly can be used for the groom to get ready. It is not spacious enough for the bride, plus bridesmaids and potentially hairdresser and make-up artist.

Q - What breakfast is provided?
A - We provide tea, coffee, orange juice, cereals, milk and pastries – such as croissants or muffins.

Q - What time do I need to vacate the room?
A - The Honeymoon Suite should be vacated by 11am the following day. If you cannot hand the key to a member of staff, please leave it in the back of the door.

Arrival/Car Park

Q - Is there disabled parking?
A - We do not have allocated disabled parking, so suggest an early arrival so that guests with limited mobility can park as near to the entrance as possible.

Q - Can we leave a car overnight?
A - Yes but please ensure that it is collected by no later than 10.30am the following day.

Accommodation for guests

Q - Where can my guests stay?
A - There are two local hotels that offer our wedding guests a preferential room rate: The Crowne Plaza Five Lakes and The Marks Tey Hotel. Both are within a 15 minute drive, or 20 minutes on the Routemaster Bus. Please contact us for further information. We also have details of local B&B’s.

Q - Is the “glamping” within easy walking distance?
A - The glamping site is just a 5-10 minute walk but it will be dark if walking there after the evening reception, with no street lights. Guests will require a torch!

Setting up / Collecting items following wedding

Q - When can I deliver my alcohol and other items (table plan, favours, props etc)?
A - Please liaise with us about convenient times to deliver items. This can be several days before your wedding takes place, as we will be able to store items securely.

Q - Can I do any decorating the day before my wedding?
A - There is the possibility that we will have another event or wedding taking place the day before your wedding, in which case all decorating will take place on the wedding day itself. If there is any chance you can come in the afternoon beforehand, we can advise you in the weeks running up to the day.

Q - What time can my suppliers have access on the day of the wedding?
A - All suppliers can have access from 9am. If they have any queries regarding access, they may call us directly in the office for advice.

Q - When do I need to collect any leftover items?
A - Any leftover unopened alcohol, wedding cake, décor, lost property and miscellaneous items should be collected from the Long Gallery kitchen before 11am the following day. You will be given a key to the kitchen with the Honeymoon Suite key.