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After The Proposal, The Second Step

You may have stumbled across our web site whilst idly Googling “best wedding venues in Essex” or may have refined your search to include the words “fairy-tale “romantic” or “historic”.  All those words describe us, but it is not until you come down the Layer Marney Tower drive and your heart misses a beat and  you say to each other, “wow, this is it” that you know that  you have finally found your perfect wedding venue.

With “wow” still echoing in your heads it is soon down to the practical stuff when you come for your first Wedding Show Round.  First, because we don’t expect you to fill in the forms and pay the deposit on the first visit, because this is a huge decision, it must be right, we won’t push you, we want you to feel you have made the right choice.

We generally see couples on a Saturday morning, hopefully convenient to you and as we are likely to have a wedding that afternoon, a chance for you to see the Long Gallery, where the Wedding Breakfast is held, being prepared to party.  We can of course see you at other times, do just ask.

On arrival you will be met by our Wedding Coordinator, Karen or her colleague, Jackie, both highly experienced wedding experts.  They will tak you through how the day will work and will include the mundane, where guests will park, to the sublime, the arrival of the bride in our 1930’s chauffeur driven Rolls Royce. You will be advised to contact the Colchester Registrars early, popular time slots on popular days, go fast.  You will see where you meet the Registrars prior to the ceremony, a legal but simple formality.  Then through to the Ceremony Room, the Corsellis Room (rooms are named after past inhabitants of the Tower)  passing through the ante room, known as Tukes Chamber.  WIth its high ceilings and vast Tudor beams, this is an impressive room.  There is a chance for the bride to pace out the red carpet and discuss music choices.  Karen or Jackie will talk you through how the ceremony works and pointing out who stands where and who sits on which side of the room and where the photographer should go for the best shots.

It is then into the garden and the next part of the day explained.  Chauffeur, Graham, will be waiting for the newly married couple and whisk them off for a short drive, whilst guests are ushered into the garden to the front of the Tower where they will be given drinks and canapes by caterer, Bouquet Garni.  Guests greet the couple as they make an entrance from the main gates walking up the wide path towards their waiting family and friends.  The first time to greet them as a married couple.  An emotional and pivotal moment in the day.

We will then show you the very best places for photographs,   If a family member, or a photographer who hasn’t worked here before is taking them, we explain we are happy to show them round before the day, it is all part of the service.

We then move into the Long Gallery where the Wedding Breakfast will take place.  You will see the bar area, discuss drinks and talk about the fact that you can get your own wine for the meal and unusually, we do not charge corkage.   If you know how many guests you are going to invite, we can give you an idea of how the tables will be set out.  We will show you the Honeymoon Suite, free for you to use on the night of the wedding, if you have a Reception with us.

Finally a chance to flick through some photo albums to give you an idea of what other couples  have chosen and how various colour schemes work. Also another chance to chat through details, get the details right before the day and everything will run like clockwork on the day.

We aim for your wedding day being as stress-free as possible, we are here to take the strain.  We are here to make it happen.  Following your first visit, it is usually just the coupe on that first visit, we encourage  you to return with family members, their advice is invaluable to you, they will see things you have missed, they will ask questions you might have forgotten to ask.  Your Mum might have a keen eye for detail, your Dad may be strong on the practicalities, they will keep you firmly grounded and make sure nothing is forgotten.

If you choose Layer Marney Tower for your wedding, and we hope you will, Karen will get to know you as well, she is here to look after you, answer your questions, sort out any problems.  As you talk to the caterers, Bouquet Garni, they will help you make the very best decisions for food and drinks.  You will have a dedicated Front of House person from Bouquet Garni who will be your link person and be with you on the day.  You will meet them several times too.

So if you have clicked on us, whether on purpose, or by mistake, make a date to come and see us, we are here to help.  You won’t be disappointed.  We look forward to meeting you.

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