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How to pick a Wedding Photographer

It’s not easy.  A Google search will throw up pages and pages of photographers.  You will be spoilt for choice and that is problem number one.  Too much choice.  How do you begin to find the one that wil capture the day and provide you with happy life-long memories?

Sabrina Pengelly, from Pengelly Photography, advises that research really is important, Personal recommendations are very useful, so talk to your friends who have recently married.  Did they have a good experience with their photographer?  Were they happy with the photographs?  Talk to people who have been to a wedding as a guest, did they like the way the photographer worked?  Was the photographer instrusive? Irritating? Discrete? Did they get a chance to see any of the photos after the wedding?

Check out which photographers your wedding venue recommends.  You can be sure they will only recommend people they get on with and who they think take first rate photos of their venue.

When you look at a photographer’s web site, make sure  you look at the whole site.  Their Gallery will give you an idea of their style.  Is it contemporary, classical or artistic?  What sort of look are you aiming for?  Check out their Face Book page as well as Instagram and read their Blog.  This will all help you to build a picture of what they are like. How they do their work and what you can expect their pictures to be like.

Do go to Wedding Fairs so you can meet the photogpaphers face to face.  Do you like them? Could you spend the day with them?  One of the most important (if not the most important) day of your life.  That might seem obvious, but it is so important.

Check if they have qualifications.  That just gives you an idea of the level at which they work.  Are they part time?  Do they have back up equipment?  All worth considering.

Price is of course always important, but try not to choose purely on price and make sure you know exactly what you are getting for  your money.  That there are no hidden extras.

With a bit of research and planning you can be sure to get the most amazing photos and a wonderful record of your special day to last you for the rest of your lives.  As  your memories fade you can open your photo album and relive your special day.

With thanks to Pengelly Photography for their invaluable help with this Blog.

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