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Wedding Trends 2018

As 2017 draws to an end here at Layer Marney Tower we like to do a bit of crystal ball gazing and wonder what the 2018 wedding season will bring. Our brides and grooms are right on trend and we can be sure they will be leading the way towards new fashions, food and favours.

Our caterers, Bouquet Garni, tell us that they are noticing that choices are becoming simpler and quirkier, especially for the evening food. Their Citroen H Van, equipped with a full functioning kitchen, is in great demand. Street Food is still and will continue to be, all the rage. From the H Van wedding guests are enjoying comfort food; fish and chips, burgers and chips and Thai Green Curry. They are serving more paella and fajitas, tacos and burritos. International flavours predominate. The choices are less formal, alongside an element of theatre – such as a chef flipping pancakes over crepe stones, showy is good. The popularity of barbecues continues apace, giving the chef another opportunity to release his inner theatre. Jon Marriott, owner of Bouquet Garni said “brides and grooms are increasingly looking to demonstrate their personalities through their choice of food and this tends to mean the food choices are more informal than they used to be” We are looking forward to seeing how these emerging trends continue next year.

Brides and grooms are also looking for originality and informality in other areas of their weddings. Mobile bars are popular, from Pop up Prosecco bars to Gin Bars, small batch distilleries are making an impact. Look out for Gin Bars on tricycles or served from converted horse trailers. Prosecco from an authentic Italian Piaggio Ape of a VW Camper Van. You are unlikely to be served any of these delicious drinks from a boring old table and like the food, they will be served with style and panache.

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Gradually the tiers of Royal Icing encasing wedding cakes have been disappearing, wedding cakes are evolving, the current trend for naked cakes (sponges with no icing) are giving way to nearly naked. The cakes of the future will have a thin scraping of buttercream on them, watch out for beautiful flowers making them less naked, but more stylish. Brides looking for a bit more formality are choosing drip cakes, where icing drips tantalisingly down the sides of the cake, more dressed than naked, but still informal.

As Social Media dominates our lives, why leave out the most important day of your life and the chance to miss a fabulous photo? Brides and grooms increasingly have their own wedding hashtags such as #smithweddingoctober17 and ask guests to upload their photos to Instagram. Photos whisked round the world almost before the I do’s are done.

Signs are turning informal too. A piece of rough wood, nailed to a rustic pole is now far more likely with rustic signs directing guests to the food, the ceremony, the bar or the garden games.

Trends come and trends go, but we hope our little round up of what we see as trends of the way will keep you ahead of the curve.